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Nour is a company that designs and manufactures in Belgium sustainable lighting with refined aesthetics and high quality light. Nour means the sunlight in Arabic. These lamps have three strengths:

Light Quality

We chose the best combination of LEDs for white light of high quality. In addition, we have developed an aluminum profile so you can’t see the LED directly and give a soft light.
1 - Warm White 3000 K°
2 - Ivory White 3700 K°
3 - Cool White 5000 K°


Nour luminaires consume very little (120lm / W) for white light high quality and without the need for heavy metals (the compact fluorescent mercury is needed to illuminate). And they are recyclable over 95% with its anodized aluminum profile and steel bases.


Base for the 7 models, the light is white ivory that is very close to daylight. It is possible to have four other types of light: warm white, lunar white (greenish), cool white and blue white (bluish). So you can create your indoor environment and make it vibrate and change over time.

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